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A new economy is possible.

A new economy is possible.

The Center for a New Economy is driven by one sole obsession: to create a new economy for Puerto Rico where the vast majority, and not just a few, can thrive and enjoy lives of happiness, health, and prosperity. To that end, CNE applies evidence-based scholarship to Puerto Rico’s most pressing challenges. CNE is a laboratory, a place for thought and engagement, dedicated to collaborations and to working full-time to come up with innovative strategies, crafting them into policy, and making them a reality.
Because in the end, policy is about people.

Puerto Rico needs a strong and thriving economy because without it we cannot protect and promote our culture, history, and art. Without it, we cannot provide a world-class education to our children and our young adults. Without it, we cannot be proper custodians of our beautiful mountains and coasts. And without it, we cannot maintain our public health system. All of these things that we hold dear are inextricably dependent on our economic capacity.

For 25 years, CNE has had only one client: Puerto Rico.

To celebrate this anniversary, we chose origami art as our theme. The transformation of each piece of paper represents the potential Puerto Rico also has to transform itself. Through data-driven solutions, analysis, and research we can build a prosperous country and foster economic growth for future generations.

I hope you will choose to join CNE’s Quarter Century Campaign as we seek to make that future a reality for Puerto Rico.

We have stayed true to our values of independence and empiricism and earned a lasting reputation for credibility, rigor, and impact. In an era of shallow analyses and biased research, we remain champions of deep perspective and thoughtful study.

A quarter century of work provokes reflection about the past, but also aspirations about the future. Having reached this rare and important milestone, our goal now is to make sure CNE remains in perpetual service to Puerto Rico and that the successes of the past serve as a foundation and a springboard for our work and service in the future.

Miguel A. Soto-Class
President and Founder

Join CNE’s Quarter Century Campaign and help transform the economy

With your support a new economy is possible
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Relentlessly advancing policies that transform people’s lives

Relentlessly advancing policies that transform people’s lives

Relentlessly advancing policies that transform people’s lives

Case Study: Puerto Rico’s Earned Income Tax Credit

Since 2003, CNE has been championing the Earned Income Tax Credit for Puerto Rico, advocating to support low-income workers and boost Puerto Rico’s labor participation rate. In 2021, CNE was able to successfully secure a robust federal contribution for the local EITC.

As the go-to source on Puerto Rico for local and international journalists

Puerto Rico’s future depends on a successful reconstruction process. As we enter its most critical phase CNE will:

Strengthen our research and policy capacity

By advancing evidence-based research and policy recommendations through collaborations with academia and the government.

Expand our influence

By presenting policy solutions to complex situations both locally and in Washington, DC as nonpartisan experts on Puerto Rico.

Enhance our communications platform

By increasing our engagement with the public through stronger tools and efforts directed at achieving transformative action for Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is at a crossroads and what we do now will determine our quality of life for years to come. CNE is an extraordinary institution that has been forged during turbulent times and undertakes Puerto Rico’s most essential business.

Our work has made Puerto Rico better and we are needed now more than ever.

Can you imagine a Puerto Rico without CNE?